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The Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector Might Prevent You From Getting A Speeding Ticket

Any time driving on the highway, it is usually pretty easy to start speeding. As a way to keep from receiving too many speeding tickets, having an effective and clever radar detector, like the Escort Passport 9500ix is a good idea. This detector can pickup radar impulses coming from the front and rear plus it can detect all bands of radar guns. In addition, it has programmable settings with GPS so you can set speed cameras and common locations for speed traps.

The Passports GPS system is going to pick up on your exact location so you will be informed of any known speed traps. You should get a graphic and audio alert as you get close to a possible trap. Separate warnings are actually provided by specific alerts for each band of radar. With five stages of brightness, the brilliant blue LED display can be seen in bright sunlight or toned down in the evening. Radar signals are used for a lot more than speed radar guns, so it is not a secret that false alerts plague radar detectors. The 9500ix has a GPS-powered TrueLock filter, which can assist you to not be occupied with false alerts any longer. The 9500ix also offers a data source that is extremely in depth, which will alert you of speed cameras, red light cameras and even common speed traps across North America.

The database is usually kept up to date through your computer using your USB port and you can get free updates for three months from Escort. A red light camera normally takes a photo of your car and license plate in the event you speed through an intersection as the light turns red. You are certain to get a speeding ticket in the mail plus the picture of you committing your crime. These cameras usually do not use radar, however they are in the Escort Passport 9500ix’s database so it will still let you know. There are other sorts of cameras in existence that are just as sly.

It is difficult for any detector to grab the near horizontal radar beam transmitted by radar based cameras. It can be even more difficult to pick up on laser cameras, because the signal is so narrow. Such as the red light cameras, the induction loop cameras employ no radar signals at all. Photo cameras use multiple-stamped photos to identify speeding vehicles with no use of laser or radar signals. With the comprehensive database of speed trap locations and GPS circuitry, you will be well covered if you have the Escort Passport 9500ix.

Speed traps are typically sly and they are there to trap motorists who are not even aware that they are being spied upon. The Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector provides you with a warning and keep you from getting speeding tickets, but they shouldn’t be used as an excuse for speeding.

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The Importance Of Getting Insurance For Your Car

Next to your house, your car is probably one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make in your lifetime. In that regard, it is imperative that you take necessary measures to safeguard this investment, and obtaining insurance coverage is one of the best ways to accomplish that. Getting insurance is also a requirement in majority if not all jurisdictions, and without it, you are typically not allowed to use your vehicle on major thoroughfares. In some states, if you get involved in a collision and you can’t present a proof of financial responsibility, like an insurance policy, you may pay fines or have your driving privileges suspended.

Car insurance will also provide a financial cushion in case your car gets involved in an accident or collision, if it is stolen, or damaged in a natural calamity. Other insurance products will cover for the treatment of injury which you or other people sustained, burial expenses, and attorney fees if any.

Insurance, no doubt, is a major recurrent expenditure for those who own cars. Just the same, it would be ill-thought-out to choose the vendor with the cheapest auto insurance quotes without evaluating the trustworthiness of the company and their terms of coverage. Time and time again we hear reports of people who felt remorseful after choosing the vendor with the cheapest insurance quotes because they ended up with an insurer that does not live up to their promises. There are even consumers who were coaxed by sweet-talking brokers to get the least expensive plans, but were then surprised with a large deductible when they made a claim.

As a car owner, your goal is to find a company that offers cheap car insurance rates yet still offers adequate and reliable protection. To find vendors that offer cheap car insurance rate but still customer-friendly and reliable service, you should request for quotations from multiple providers. The World Wide Web is a great tool to find car insurance quotes from various vendors and learn about the companies that offer them and how consumers perceive their services. Although it is possible to obtain car insurance quotes from third-party websites, it is often a better choice to get it from the provider’s official website.

Apart from evaluating car insurance quotes and coverage particulars, you should also ascertain if the insurer has the necessary state and local licenses to operate and have guaranty fund coverage from your state so in the event it defaults, you will not be left with nothing. Your state insurance department website can provide you with this information. Also ascertain if grievances have been raised against the insurer by checking this with the Better Business Bureau and other websites that champion consumer protection such as JD Power’s. To determine if the insurer is fiscally stable and sound, you may also do a research on this at the Standard and Poor’s website.

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Finding the Best Auto Repair Chevy Vehicles

The chevys are on a roll as more and more people become interested in owning this wonderful auto. Americans love chevys and due to its popular demand the company produces a mass of vehicles invariably populating the streets. Therefore, many mechanics see the opportunity in starting garages for auto repair chevy.

You will be amazed at the dedicated auto repair chevy garages in the country. Many of these garages specialize in chevy repairs. If you own a chevy and it is in need of a good repair or service there are many ways to auto repair chevy vehicles throughout the country without any hassle. It is very important for people to keep their vehicles in good condition as it gives a statement to others. Therefore it is imperative that a prestigious vehicle like the chevy be kept in prime shape at all times.

If you are puzzled about the hassle that you will face when locating an auto repair chevy garage, you indeed should go online. Researching on the garages and their rates are imparative before settling on a spot to get your chevy repair done. However, be cautious when you involve in online dealings. There are many scam and con artists working over the internet these days and it would be a shame to get caught in one of there vicious webs.

A mechanic should have a special bond with the vehicle and the tools like pneumatic torque wrench and impact wrenches. A not so experienced mechanic would just finish the job the easiest way possible only to find many more faults in no time. This is the reason why you should work on a long term relationship with a garage that auto repair chevy vehicles. Therefore you should look up good companies that auto repair chevy vehicles and then visit there garages in person before handing your precious vehicle to be under their care.

If your chevy needs a repair, don’t waste time sitting at home. Start looking for auto repair chevy spots that will do the job for you. Don’t worry about the time you spend evaluating a good place because it is indeed done in your and your chevy’s best interest.

Auto Detailing – What Does It Involve?

One of the proudest moments of being a driver is the first few weeks of driving a brand new car. The admiring glances from onlookers viewing your jewel in the rough are enough to make anyone happy. Though this feeling will only last as long as your car stays looking new, which could only be a few weeks depending on how well you look after it. You could try washing it every week, but ultimately, washing it is not enough, occasionally you will have to do a little bit more.

In order to reclaim that lost beauty your vehicle once had, you need to detail it. Auto detailing basically means cleaning every little detail of the vehicle to remove all dirt and deposits from every nook and cranny of the vehicle. Detailing actually means a total surface renewal, meaning that every part of the car including the interior and engine bay should be fully cleaned. Ultimately you will end up with a vehicle looking factory fresh and new again.

In order to properly detail a vehicle you must set aside a full day to the cleaning process. You should also regularly detail your vehicle to make it easier to keep clean and to ensure that the paintwork remains in good condition. Below is a simple exterior detailing guide for you to follow.

The first step is washing the vehicle. Spend a few minutes at first rinsing the vehicle to remove any dirt or grit that could potentially damage the paintwork when you come to wash it. Then, using only car washing detergent and water, wash the car in sections. Starting with the roof, you should wash each section of the vehicle at a time with generous amounts of water and detergent, and rinse each section before moving onto the next. After washing, dry the vehicle with soft towels.

The second step to detailing your car is to polish it. For this stage, you can either use car polish, paint cleaner, a clay bar or rubbing compound. Rubbing compound is particularly aggressive and should only really be used by professionals. Polish is the least aggressive and should be your first method; if you feel it needs more then you can then try cleaning solution or even a clay bar if necessary.

Your final step to detailing your vehicle is to apply wax to keep it looking its best for as long as possible. Waxing the paint surface will create a layer or protective oils separating the paintwork from the sun, tree sap, bird droppings and other contaminants. To do this properly, use either an applicator pad or a damp kitchen sponge to apply a very thin layer of wax in liquid or paste form, in circular motions. Once you have waxed the whole vehicle, go back to where you started and buff the paintwork with either an orbital polisher or a microfiber cloth to a deep, lasting shine.

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How To Check Your Tires And Get Discount Tire Coupons

If your tires are getting old, and you’ve had them for years, it may be time to replace them. Below, I will talk about how to check your tires, how to buy new tires online, and how you can take advantage of the best prices by using Discount Tire coupons.

A lot of vehicle owners are in the habit of ignoring the condition of their tires. However, it’s always wise to check your tires regularly. It’s unsafe to drive around with old tires, and you are more likely to get a flat, which is something you definitely don’t want. Changing a flat can be quite a hassle, and if you don’t have a spare, you will need to call a tow truck. By inspecting your tires on a regular basis, however, such potential issues can be minimized.

You may be wondering how exactly you should go about checking your tires. The method most well known is to use a penny. Simply insert it into the tire tread, and make sure Lincoln’s head is upside down. You want the tread to be thick enough to touch or cover the top of Lincoln’s head. However, this is a somewhat crude method, and a better idea may be to just drive into Discount Tire center and ask a staff member there about the condition of your tires. They will let you know if you need new tires.

Sooner or later, you will need to replace your tires no matter how well your drive, and then you will have to decide how to go about purchasing them. Buying online is the method I prefer because you often have access to discounts and rebates, especially if you use Discount Tire coupons. Another benefit is that you can often do research at the same time, such as review tire ratings and read reviews while you make a choice. There are quite a few other handy tools online to help you select wheels and tires, including a feature that allows you to preview how a set of wheels will appear on your vehicle.

Don’t forget to do a quick search and find Discount Tire coupons before you buy tires on the Internet. You’d be surprised how much you can save by doing a basic search that only takes a minimal amount of time.


Simple Tips to Save Gas

gas mileage

To most people, the most obvious way to save gas is buying a new car that gets better gas mileage. But before you head to the dealer to make your trade-in, you should know that there are easier ways to save money on gasoline.

Do you stop short at traffic lights and then make a jack-rabbit start? Do you weave in and out of traffic? Driving more sensibly can save you 5%-33% on your gasoline costs. Driving the speed limit can save you another 7%-23%. It is estimated that every 5 miles you drive above 60 miles per hour is comparable to spending an additional $0.20 on gas. Using your cruise control can also save gas since it regulates your speed.

Additionally, using your overdrive gears when climbing hills can help. Excessive idling wastes fuel as well so you might want to consider turning off your car if you need to wait for someone or are completely stopped in traffic. If you’re carrying around a lot of junk in your trunk, now is the time to clean out your car. Every extra pound you carry in your vehicle reduces your gas mileage.

This formula applies more accurately to small vehicles rather than larger ones, but the total savings of reducing the weight in your car by 100 pounds is 1-2%. Keeping your car properly maintained can improve your gas mileage as much as 19%. Visit your mechanic to check if your car is properly in tune and that there are no major mechanical problems detracting from your gas mileage.

Discuss a schedule for changing your air filter, as this can improve mileage by up to 10%. Perhaps the simplest mileage savings comes from keeping your tires properly inflated. Purchase a tire gauge at your automotive supply store and learn to use it! Many employers are now offering their employees the ability to telecommute and work from their home offices. Telecommuting just one day out of ten will obviously save you 10% on your gas costs.

 Carpooling, ride-sharing and public transportation are also ways to save gas, but these things may not an option for you due to scheduling conflicts. You can still save gas by avoiding rush hour commuting, combining errands into one trip and arranging your route to avoid backtracking. Many families are unwilling or unable to give up their annual driving vacation, but can save money by making sure their car is properly maintained as described above and by driving the speed limit. Additionally, using a top carrier causes drag and can reduce efficiency by as much as 5% in addition to the reductions caused by carrying extra weight.

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Car Buying Tips: Adding Value to Your Trade-In

Car Buying Tips: Adding Value to Your Trade-In

Car salespeople are trained from day one that the most important thing they need to do to set up a profitable car deal is to build value, especially with used cars and trucks.  They are shown ways to enhance the consumers’ experience and to promote the preowned vehicle in the best possible light.


The same holds true for the consumer in regards to their trade in.  Just like selling preparing a house for sale, preparing a car for sale can increase its value greatly.  Whether you want to take you nice, barely used car to trade it in for Oklahoma Lincoln Town Cars or you have an old beater going to San Diego Used Cars, here are some ways to do just that.


(1)   Clean It, Silly


It sounds simple, and for those who are thinking “duh”, you would be shocked to know how often this basic tactic is not used.


If possible, get it completely detailed, including shampooing the carpet and floor mats, waxing the exterior, and spraying odor neutralizers or using ionizers to eliminate odors (especially smoke).  Most dealerships will give a small, sometimes even subconscious boost to the value of a vehicle if it is “lot ready” when it arrives.


(2)   Empty It Out


There are articles out there that suggest not emptying a trade-in because it makes the dealer think you’re eager to give them your vehicle.  That sort of advice is absolutely ridiculous.


If you intend to trade your car, make no efforts to hide the fact.  There is an entire article that can be written debunking the often implied concept of hiding your trading intentions, but for now, please have faith that letting the dealership know you are ready to trade your car will give you more advantages than disadvantages.


Make it easy to “move out” of you vehicle by having everything that you are not leaving with the vehicle out and waiting at home to be replaced into your new car.  For the items staying with your trade in…


(3)   Prepare a “Care Package”


Have everything that is staying in the car in a bag, preferably a large plastic Ziploc bag.  The owner’s manual, maintenance records, valet key, second key and key-fobs, and any care items you have that you won’t need in your new vehicle (leather treatment, touch-up paint, etc.) should all be ready for the salesperson for when they stock in their latest trade, yours.


This gives a sense of organization and meticulous care that will carry over during the appraisal process.  The dealer will know that if you took this much care of the car when you were getting rid of it, you probably took great care of it when you owned it.  More subliminal money invested into your trade.


(4)   Spend Up to $100 Making it Ready to Sell


People will sometimes ask if they should get this repaired or that fixed.  Rarely will the cost of fixing something translate into an equal bump in trade value.  Dealerships can fix their used cars cheaper than we can.


Some things you would want to consider spending money on would be an oil change and or tune-up, wiper blades, at least a half tank of gas (again, this is for subliminal reasons), and possibly even some “luxury” adds such as fuel injector cleaner.  Anything too expensive – just let them know a little bit about it and ask them if they think you should get it fixed before trading.  They will almost always say no to this, but offering can disarm them a bit from deducting too much from the value.


(5)   Tell the Dealer Something Wrong with the Car


The important thing to remember here is “something”.  You may or may not choose to reveal chronic problems that you’ve dealt with – that part is up to you and your conscious.  If there are no major problems, find something, anything that you can point out.


Someone saying that their trade-in is perfect is begging for a more thorough check in the vehicle.  Mentioning a couple of minor scratches on the passenger side, a slight shimmy at 70 MPH, or poor reception for a particular radio station when you get to the south-side of town will go a long ways in building credibility in you and your trade.


They will probably find these things anyway, so offering them up front makes them think, “If that’s all that’s wrong with it, this car must be in great shape.”


— Final Thought —


Trade values are always negotiable.  Do not look at it as a buy and trade transaction.  Consider it like a seller to seller transaction.  Just as they are selling you a new or used car, you are selling them your used car.  Showing pride and confidence in the quality of your product can really help you get the most out of your trade-in.


About Author: J.D. is a freelance internet writer and aspiring screenwriter. He also works as a Search Engine Optimizer for several automotive websites, including http://www.diffee.com/new_ford.htm and http://www.usedcarsonly.com

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