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Honda’s Unwanted Title: Most Stolen Car

Through the years, Honda has produced a notable vehicle brand, becoming notorious for safety and quality. Drivers all over have brand loyalty to Honda; the family that has to have a wagon,the elderly that require a trustworthy vehicle along with the 16-year-old that has to have a good first car. Moreover, the designers at Honda continue to keep a clean, simple and easy sleek look.

However, Hondas aren’t only favored by car buyers, but also are also liked by car thieves. Honda has consistently made the “most-stolen cars, pickups and SUV’s in the United States” list for the last few years. Based on a studyfrom the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), into the top ten most stolen vehicles in the usa, Honda takes the top two spots with the 1995 Honda Civic at second along with the 1994 Honda Accord at # 1.

The Honda Civic is amongst the most commonly spotted vehicles on the highway nationwide because of its fuel efficiency, reliability and relatively low cost. Due to those qualities, it appears to be a notably popular first car. Parents can afford it and feel at-ease sending their 16-year-old off on the roads inside it and teenagers approve of the car’s look. Unfortunately, car thieves love the Honda Civic for parts.

The Honda Accord sits in a slightly higher price point compared to the Civic and it is a much more refined version of its counterpart. It seems to be more popular with the older crowd who still values the reliable vehicles Honda produces. While car thieves love stealing the Accord for the parts as well, this car takes the top spot because of its deficiency of the anti-theft technology, at least inside the 1994 model.

Whether it be small engine parts or oem Honda wheels, the quality that Honda applies to its cars seems to backfire,gaining attention with car robbers.

Luckily, car theft is declining as a whole in the United States.In a study by the NICB, car theft dropped 7.2 percent between 2009 and 2010. In Honda’s defense (as a leading car brand), the vehicles which might be being stolen tend to be greater than fifteen years old and car security has greatly improved over time. While they can’t help the need for their car parts, especially on high demand products like bumpers and rims , they can continue to increase security measures.

Later model vehicles that showed up on the “most stolen” list range from the 2002 Ford Explorer at number nine, the 2000 Dodge Caravan at number seven and also the 2004 Dodge Ram pickup at number six.