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    Pretty Good, September 16, 2008
    I. YEUNG

    This review is from: SD/MMC/USB/MP3 Wireless In Car FM Transmitter with Remote (Black) (Electronics)

    I just bought this FM transmitter. The Remote did not work. But, the seller replaced it quickly.

    If I plug my mp3 player using the AUX, it has a little bit of noise (very little high pitch noise).

    If I plug in my jump drive, the noise is gone. I think that it might have to do with the AUX cable.

    But, it works great with my jump drive. Actually, it’s better to use jump drive cause I don’t have to turn off my mp3 player and hide it in the glove box.

    I have not tried with a memory card yet.

    The sound quality is OK. My requirement is as long as it does not have those high pitch / white noise.

    One thing is it cannot navigate through folders. But, I can choose which song I want to listen to by punching the number on the remote. So, it’s not so bad.

    The FM transmitter remembers which song I was listenning to. So, I don’t have to start over. It also remembers which radio station I was using. So, I don’t have to re-find the radio station or re-find which songs I was listenning to.

    I think it’s great for the price. I will buy it again. I think it’s not a bad gift to give to friends. I like it.

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    Best FM transmitter (has shuffle feature also), October 4, 2008
    Kiran Chindam

    This review is from: SD/MMC/USB/MP3 Wireless In Car FM Transmitter with Remote (Black) (Electronics)

    I bought this last month. I am very satisfied with this FM transmitter. Works great for me.
    Today I figured that this also has shuffle repeat or all repeat functionality as well. If you press and hold the play/pause button (on the device and not the remote) for few seconds then it will toggle between “shuffle repeat” mode and “repeat all” mode. On LCD display you will see “<repeat arrow>A” for repeat all mode and “<repeat arrow>S”) for shuffle mode.
    Also if you press and hold on next button for few seconds then it will increase the volume.
    Hope this helps. I would definitely recommend this.

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    Andrew Stone (San Diego) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: SD/MMC/USB/MP3 Wireless In Car FM Transmitter with Remote (Black) (Electronics)

    I have had many FM Wireless Transmitters over the years. This is the least expensive device and has the most features.

    Some people reported that they receive it without any instructions. Additionally, I’ve had fuse problems with two units and have since switched to a different FM Transmitter.

    If after reading this review, it helps you to either purchase this product or pass it up, I hope you’ll click the YES button at the bottom of this review (this way, the review can be found by buyers trying to choose between FM Wireless Tramsmitters … Thank you!)

    IMPORTANT: Turn the volume level on the wireless FM Transmitter to medium to medium/high! I set mine on 12 (out of 15). This affects the quality of the FM transmission from the FM Wireless Transmitter to your car’s stereo. Reviewers who have complained about poor quality of audio or static probably did not do this!

    Additionally, if you are connecting your MP3 player (instead of SD memory card, MMC, or USB drive) you MUST turn the volume of the MP3 player up to a medium-high volume level.

    WHAT TO EXPECT: The FM Wireless Transmitter is very light weight and fits loosely in the car’s power adapter. When compared to other typical power adapter devices (i.e. Mobile Phone Charger), this may give you the impression of low quality.

    To turn the device off, unplug it.

    It is a one trick pony, that is you can not dynamically switch between SD memory card and MP3 player (or USB device). To switch between devices you will need to unplug, remove an existing device and put in another. The 1/8 inch Jack and cable for MP3 players cuts out SD memory card or USB devices. You must remove the cable to switch. (What do you expect for […]).

    An important product feature of this device is that it allows you to choose the FM frequency you would like to use to transmit to your radio. Additionally, this is the most powerful FM Transmitters that I have ever used. It easily overrides existing radio station if you choose. The signal strength of the transmission relates directly to the `VOLUME’ setting (see above).

    When you disconnect the FM Wireless Transmitter or shut off your car, the FM Wireless Transmitter’s internal memory will store all the device setting including the last song played from a memory device. When you plug in the 1/8 mini plug cable (about 1 foot long with Male to Male plugs on both ends) to connect a MP3 Player, the attached memory cards or USB device will not be accessible. If you are using memory cards or USB drives when initially installing the device, leave the cable unplug.

    The wireless remote control to the FM Wireless Transmitter works fine, but you do need to press hard enough so that within the button’s switch electrical contact is made. Also, the remote is infra-red and needs to be in the line-of-site to the FM Wireless Transmitter. If the transmitter is hidden by a gearshift, or back of a seat, the remote control will not work.

    PRODUCT DOCUMENTATION: The `user manual’ is just a small slip of folded paper with multi-language instruction and a few inaccuracies. For example, the documentation referred to the label name/symbol of buttons on the FM Wireless Transmitter, but the physical device had different name/symbols. The product documentation referring to the remote control is accurate, and you can completely configure and control the transmitter via the remote control.

    WHAT REALLY SUCKS: For what ever reason, you can blow the internal FUSE. I did replace the fuse on mine two times now in less than 2 weeks. Finally, I just gave up with it, just too lazy to replace the fuse. I think maybe that the volume level may be part of the problem and that the volume level needs to be turned down before turning off your car so that the device will not draw too much power when the car is started.

    NOTE: Two spare fuses are included in the product packaging.

    EASY FUSE REPLACEMENT: Unscrew the tip of plug by gripping the base of the plug firmly and the small black plastic tip at the very end (very little black plastic on the tip to take a hold of and farther to the end than the metal ring), be careful when doing this or you will drop the FUSE and loose the cap that goes over the FUSE. Once apart, it’s a no-brainer to swap out the FUSE.

    RECOMMENDATIONS: Buy a Micro SD memory card with an SD adapter (that accepts the micro SD card). I bought mine on Amazon from ChiTek (Amazon Vendor) for […] and […] shipping. The Micro SD card was 2 GB from SanDisk. The Micro SD Card slides into the SD adapter so that it is compatible with the FM Wireless Transmitter card slot. I suggest getting the Micro SD memory instead of SD memory because it will be more versatile in the near future (phones, camera’s)…etc. Additionally, you if do not have a Micro SD or…

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