Negligence Main Cause of Car Trouble

BOSS Military Spouses Appreciation Day - Free Vehicle Inspection - U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys, South Korea - 11 May 2012
Creative Commons License photo credit: USAG-HumphreysNo matter the make, model, or year, all vehicles require routine maintenance. This is no fault of manufacturers or dealers. Cars are composed of many moving parts that are always in motion. This constant movement means problems are inevitable. When your vehicle breaks down, you can find help at Ventura automotive repair shops.

Tire pressure is a frequent culprit of vehicle damage. Low tire pressure can result in driving with under-inflated tires. When this happens, you’re driving solely on the outer edges of the tread. This means poor gas mileage, significant tire wear, and less-than-perfect handling. Also, the heat produced from driving with under-inflated tires can initiate a blowout. On the flipside, tire pressure that’s too high can be just as damaging. Your car drives on just the middle tire tread, resulting in the tires bulging outward. High tire pressure causes wear and poor handling and braking. You should check your tire pressure as often as you can to make sure you’re not unnecessarily damaging your car.

Always be aware of car parts that require frequent maintenance. Oil changes are crucial to vehicle performance. There is a reason they call it a “well-oiled machine.” If you neglect to get regular oil changes, your car may not run as optimally is it’s meant to, increasing the chances of engine problems. Old oil will stick to surfaces it’s supposed to lubricate, causing your vehicle to run less efficiently. Additionally, many preventable problems surface during regular oil changes. Air filters, fan belts, and cooling hoses are inspected along with other items during an oil change.

Air filters are another focal point. Dirty or clogged air filters will cause your car performance to suffer and lower your gas mileage. Most manufacturers agree that air filters should be replaced once a year. Also, air filters may need changed more often in dusty and sandy environments, such as beaches and deserts.

The way you drive plays a significant role in your vehicle’s condition. Although hard-breaking and taking sharp corners can be fun, they wreak havoc on your vehicle’s suspension. A good rule of thumb is to play it safe. Take slow turns and stops to avoid causing damage to your car.

When looking into maintaining a vehicle, it becomes apparent that the devil’s in the details. Neglecting a single aspect of your car can result in costly damage to your vehicle. You should always be checking your oil level, tire pressure, and bring your car in for regular oil changes and check-ups. Cars are expensive possessions, which is why it’s important to monitor their performance to avoid costly repairs.

Even though routine maintenance will save you most of the time, you will still have occasional problems. Some cars have manufacturing defects that don’t present themselves until it’s too late. Environmental factors and sheer age of vehicles can also result in breakdown. Don’t ignore car problems. Make sure your car is serviced when it is necessary. If your engine makes unusual sounds, overheats easily, has trouble starting or doesn’t run like it should, you should seek the professional advice and service of an automotive repair shop in Ventura.

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