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Noise is a Major Symptom of Bad Wheel Hub Bearing

Noise is a Major Symptom of Bad Wheel Hub Bearing

There are two important roles played by car wheel bearings.

  • Wheel bearings allow the wheels to rotate with little friction.  
  • Bearing support a car’s weight


These are overlooked parts and as your car gets older, it is better to keep an eye on these parts. Every vehicle is different so when it comes to repairs, safety should be your number one priority. If you cannot do it alone, always seek the assistance of a parts pro, professional mechanic or installer.


Due to abnormal tread ware, tire noise usually shows up as a whine or a thumping sound caused by ply separation. Wheel bearing noise is also similar but it is caused by dry, worn wheel bearings. Steady humming type sound is caused by wheel bearing. The cause is due to rollers or balls being damaged from lack of lubrication and are no longer smooth. To check the bearing, wiggle the tire back and forth to check and see whether there is play. The wheel bearing may have to be disassembling the wheel bearing to verify the problem.


Noise is the first sign of a bad wheel bearing.  You have to identify whether the noise is coming from the front wheel bearing or the rear wheels. While accelerating or decelerating at a steady speed the noise comes. When the car is turning if there is a noise, the hub bearing in the front wheel is bad. You must not confuse the noise with a damaged CV joint. The damages CV joint also gives a noise. A bad hub bearing gives a noise due to the lack of lubrication or because of damage .Front wheel hub bearing should be serviced every 30,000 miles.


The noise coming from the front wheel and the rear wheel is almost same. Drive the vehicle at a steady speed and if there is a noise coming often, then the hub bearing in the rear wheel is bad. This is just a brief summary of a bad hub bearing.

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Insufficient energy

Buy Car Battery and Prevent Mechanical Breakdown

Your car battery is a very important part of your car that allows it to run and allows you to enjoy other features such as lights, radio, air conditioning etc. This works by providing you with electrical energy so that you can run these things, and to provide the spark that starts the engine. Without it then, your car would be unable to start, and you wouldn’t even be able to do so much as turn on the lights or use your window wiper.

This can be a highly alarming mechanical breakdown. You are at a friend’s, or parked in a car park, and you try to start the car – only to find that it just splutters and coughs and doesn’t start and that not even the lights will come on. You will then find yourself stranded and in need of help to get home – and if no help is available this can be a long wait.

What’s important then is to buy a new car battery that you can use to replace your current one. This is something that will allow them to get back the supply of energy to the car and thereby get it to start again. This will then last you a long time and prevent you from needing to replace it again for at least a couple of years.

How to Tell if You Need a New Car Battery

The best way to know that you need a new car battery is of course that the car won’t start and the lights won’t come on. This is a sign that you are getting insufficient energy to the car and chances are this is because of the battery.

However it can also be a sign that you have a damaged alternator. The alternator is what charges the battery as you drive, and if this doesn’t work then even a working battery will drain out and not recharge. Meanwhile you might accidentally run down your battery and mistake this for a broken battery when in fact you could just replace it and carry on.

If your car won’t start then it’s possible to get a jump start using jump leads attached to your battery and this will start the car in either scenario. From here you can then get the car home to test for problems with either the battery or the alternator. If the battery ran down due to cold weather, then this is more likely to be a battery problem. Likewise if you left lights on accidentally over night, then this might have simply drained your battery and it won’t need replacing. Of course if you have recently replaced the battery or alternator and are still having problems then this is likely to be a problem with the aspect you haven’t changed. If you lose charge again and it’s not very cold, then you could have either an alternator or battery problem.

A Test

To test your alternator, then turn on your headlights and have the engine running. Get someone to stand in front of the car and look at them and then press the accelerator. If the lights either dim or get brighter then this is indicative of an alternator problem. Otherwise, it’s probably the battery.

Mechanical Breakdowns can happen at any time. If you Buy Car Battery it can help prevent breakdowns and ensure that you are always on the road.

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